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Verified Oova Customer

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Pregnant after two cycles with Oova!

Oova was recommended by my Chinese medicine/acupuncture doctor. I started acupuncture in April 2021 after trying to conceive for about 5 months with one chemical pregnancy. With acupuncture and Oova, I was pregnant after only 2 cycles.

Our son is 17 months and we’re starting TTC for so I’m tracking with right away this time since it worked for me the last time we tried!

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A must have!!!

Oova is exactly what any woman interested in their fertility journey needs! Month after month I was growing more frustrated by the drugstore ovulation predictor kits, was told to test too late in my cycle, and each month ended with more frustration. Oova took all of that away and we conceived after our second month using it. So much information was given, but only what was helpful. It took away hours of endless google searches. The team was always so helpful and quick to answer questions and made me feel less alone. A wonderful community and I can’t wait to use it again one day.

Verified Reviewer

I am a scientist by profession and I found Oova really empowering that it quantitatively monitors both PdG and LH. After the uncertainty of months of trying and two early miscarriages, I found it really calming to have that data, to have a better window into my body. Also the customer service was really prompt and supportive. And I have just had a positive pregnancy test!

Verified Reviewer
Results lined up perfectly with ultrasounds

Very accurate and easy to use. Oovas results lined up perfectly with ultrasounds confirming day of ovulation. I stopped using all other fertility devices/kits except Oova. It gave me peace of mind knowing I ovulated and we were good for the cycle. Once my doctors got my meds right we conceived immediately.

Michelle Townsend
Verified Reviewer
My Lab at Home!!

I live in a rural part of the US and have to drive an hour for same day labs. I am shocked I don’t have to leave the house to get an actual PdG level (not a yes or no) so my doctor can adjust my dose from a different state! It’s incredible and totally the future!

Verified Reviewer

Oova was invaluable in my pregnancy journey. I learned so much about my cycle, and was able to be much less anxious in general about the conception process. I can't recommend Oova enough! It was so easy to use and understand. And I am now pregnant!

Verified Reviewer

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Oova for?

While we currently offer two guided Oova experiences for people trying to conceive and people navigating perimenopause, there are many other reasons someone may choose to use Oova. Oova can be used to track and predict ovulation if you are navigating a reproductive health condition like PCOS, trying to optimize your diet and exercise routines through cycle syncing, and determining if certain symptoms you are experiencing are hormone-based. Doctors also use Oova to remotely monitor ovulation patterns in their patients undergoing treatments.

How does Oova work?

Oova uses innovative biochemistry to accurately measure luteinizing hormone (LH), E3G (a metabolite of estrogen), and PdG (a metabolite of progesterone) in urine. All you need to do is pee on your test strip, and then scan the test with your phone’s camera. Learn more.

How is the Oova Membership different from a one-time purchase?

The Oova Membership is a more robust fertility solution. Members can access our peer community, 1:1 consultations with experts, and member-exclusive events. Members also receive 30% off their monthly test kits.

Which hormones does Oova monitor?

Oova monitors luteinizing hormone (LH), E3G (an estrogen metabolite), and PdG (a progesterone metabolite). Tracking LH and E3G helps identify your fertile window and monitoring PdG is essential for confirming ovulation. Learn more.

Do I need to be working with a doctor to use Oova?

No - you can use Oova whether or not you are working with a doctor. If you’re not working with a doctor but are looking for expert support, the Oova Membership unlocks access to 1:1 consultations and fertility guidance. Learn more.

Will fertility medications affect Oova's results?

Many fertility medications affect hormone behavior throughout your cycle. By measuring LH, E3G, and PdG, Oova can help your doctor determine if these changes are happening as intended.

How can I share my Oova data with my provider?

If your doctor is an Oova provider, they will receive your results in real-time. If not, you can still easily download a PDF of your results to share with them. Learn more.

What do the lines mean on an Oova cartridge?

After you pee on your LH and PdG test cartridge, you will start to see three lines develop. The top line is the control line (to see if the test is working), the middle line is PdG (a progesterone metabolite), and the bottom line is LH. The E3G cartridge has 2 lines. One for the control, and one for E3G (the urinary metabolite of estrogen). Learn more.

What do my Oova results mean?

Sometimes, interpreting your results is confusing depending on your unique hormone levels. There are several specific hormone patterns that Oova users experience more frequently. Read the guide. 

When do I scan my Fertility test strips?

The Oova app will learn about your cycle and let you know when to scan. For five consecutive days you will scan just an E3G strip. Then for 10 days you will scan both LH/PdG test strip and an E3G test strip. Finally, for five days you will scan just your LH/PdG test strips. Learn more here.

Do I need to have the Oova Test Kit to use the Oova App?

Nope - anyone can download the Oova app for free. The app can be used manually as a symptom tracker even if you aren’t testing with Oova’s test strips. Try the app.

How is Oova different from other fertility tests

Oova measures LH, E3G (an estrogen metabolite), and PdG (a progesterone metabolite) quantitatively. We use an AI-powered app to detect fluctuations based on your unique hormone baseline, not an estimated “normal”. Learn more.

Do doctors trust the results from Oova?

Oova is trusted by 100+ clinics. Oova is the only product of its kind that delivers quantitative hormone data to providers in real-time through a HIPAA-compliant clinician dashboard. Read our research.

Does Oova work for women with irregular cycles?

Yes. Oova is ideal for women with irregular cycles because we track hormones quantitatively. This means you don’t just receive a vague “positive” or “negative” result. Oova’s results are based on your unique hormone profile. Learn more.

Does Oova work for people with PCOS?

Many people with PCOS successfully use Oova. Unlike other fertility tests our AI-powered app delivers accurate results for every user by learning your unique fertility profile. Learn more. 

Will Oova tell me if I am in menopause?

Oova can help discover the nuances of your hormonal changes. If you're unsure if you are entering perimenopause, our product helps you to monitor your hormone fluctuations so you can identify whether ovulation is still occurring. This data can help you track and predict ovulation to help you make informed decisions about managing perimenopause changes.

Note: according to NAMS, menopause is confirmed after 12 consecutive months without a period.

Can I use Oova for TTC if I am in perimenopause?

Yes! If you're trying to get pregnant amidst hormone changes and irregular cycles due to perimenopause, Oova provides invaluable insights based on your unique hormone profile. Unlike traditional ovulation tests, our hormone-tracking system identifies your unique fertile days and confirms ovulation, even if your cycle is irregular.

Can I use Oova if I am on HRT?

Navigating the world of hormone replacement therapy (including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) can be overwhelming. Oova is a powerful tool to monitor your body's response to treatment. Simultaneously, your provider can remotely track your progress and adapt care suggestions based on real-time data. Oova transforms the treatment journey, providing clarity and control over hormonal changes during perimenopause.

When do I scan my Perimenopause test strips?

For the Perimenopause Hormone Kit, you can choose to scan on your own schedule or follow Oova's guidance. We suggest scanning both an LH/PdG and an E3G test strip each day for 15 consecutive days. Depending on your goal, you may choose to begin testing once your period ends or at the onset of particular symptoms. Learn more here.

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